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Instead of squishing the job into your to-do list, let's connect and align to our mission, to our ideal clients, and to ourselves. 

This will help us to create more compelling content that is value driven and feels bloody good to share. 

Each episode will give you an opportunity to take a deep breath and ground yourself before you step into the creative process. 

After which I pose some questions for you, consider them your points to ponder. 

These questions might inspire immediate action. 

  • Journalling
  • Blogging 
  • Video making 
  • Social media posts


They might just get you thinking about how you can integrate more mission into your content everyday.  

Take what you need each time you listen. 

You will have instant access to all the episodes I've already posted and continued lifetime access to each new weekly release. 

This is for business owners who care about the energy they show up with, who want to role model ethical marketing but find themselves creating in a rush, trying to shoehorn it into an already packed schedule. 

They want to breathe. 

To remember their purpose. 

To believe they can make a difference. 

You can when you Connect To Your Mission Led Content. 

Are you ready? 

11 Modules

*START HERE* Mission Led Foundations Episode *LISTEN FIRST*

You now have instant access to the back catalogue of episodes (started in May 2023) but I recommend before you listen to anything else you start with the Mission Led Foundation Episode.

Listen to this 7-minute episode first. 

It will set the tone so you know exactly what Mission Led Content is for us here at Lisa Barry Online and how you can start to use it today. 

This is your next step. 

Together we rise. 

Lisa x

Episode 1 - Emotionally connecting to yourself and your audience

Episode 2 - What content does your audience want you to create?

Episode 3 - How can you use your content to sell with integrity

Episode 4 - Can we re-frame what it means to be triggered?

 Can we reframe how we feel about triggering content? Can we look for triggers that inspire us? Can we use this inspiration to spark mission-led content

Episode 5 - what do you hate?

What do you hate in your industry, the content you see, the system?

How can you use that irritation and turn it into compassionate Mission Led Content? 

Episode 6 - what do you and your ideal client have in common?

What do you and your ideal client have in common AND how are you different? 

We are looking for the connection points here so you can show empathy and then authority in your content as you build relationships. 

Episode 7 - what are your limitations?

What do you NOT do?

What are your services or product limitations?

How can you use this information to hone your message and provide honest, transparent mission led marketing?

Episode 8 - stay connected

How do you want to feel when you sit down to write or create content for your business?

Is this how you normally feel?

What’s the gap between how you usually feel and how you want to feel?

Why is that gap there?

Now obviously, it is up to you to answer this question

But I want to make a suggestion. See if this resonates.

Episode 9 - Remind yourself of the purpose behind your creation

What is the point of creating content?

What is the purpose?

What is the reason you bother at all?

Episode 10- What do you want your audience to do next?

Imagine a big, wide, deep fast river.

Picture it.

You’re on one side.

Your ideal client is on the other.

Picture it.

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